1 Strategy Women Must Employ To Snag A Man

download (7)Have you ever heard a guy say “I don’t know what I want” when it comes to dating. Don’t get me wrong – men are largely confused about women and don’t really know what they want until they find that a girl is half decent to talk to and be around and there is sufficient chemistry to back that up.

You may have even been dating or crushing on a man who said he wasn’t ready for anything serious at the moment or better yet told you that he wanted a woman who was stable and didn’t play games. Basically he told you that he didn’t want to be with ‘a crazy’, only for you to discover some weeks or months later that he was in a relationship with a woman who was the opposite picture of what he described – manipulative, jealous, irrational and in your opinion no good for him.

See a man may not exactly know what he wants or has just not found her yet however don’t be the women who makes the fundamental mistake of listening to what he tells you he doesn’t want. You need to take the lead and ask the kind of questions that will you the answers you need to be the women that he wants and satiate his emotional needs.

That does not mean you should change yourself for a man. That will never work and you can only be the best version of yourself. What I am saying is a man will stay with a woman who fulfills his needs just like a woman will stick with a guy who fulfills her needs.

You need to ask a ‘potential partner in crime’ what he did like about certain flames of the past. Whether they were just flings, partners or they were dating these women for a time.

He may tell you that he liked a woman because she was strong or mature or she had a mind of her own. He may have liked a woman because they had amazing sexual chemistry or a great connection in the bedroom. He may say he liked certain women of the past because they understood him or because she was a bit of a mystery.

What ever he comes up with it, these are the words or snippets of information you should listen to. Be shrewd and get inside a man’s mind by asking the right questions.

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