4 Easy Ways to Capture His Heart

images (6)If you’re a woman who loves your man too much, what are the things that you can do for him to reciprocate your feelings? Or if you are the type who has the tendency to be obsessed with a man, how can you be in a healthy relationship and finally meet you’re Mr Right? These are the questions that women who love too much asks every time. Although they seem really complex and difficult, there are actually a few things that we can begin doing or practicing to get the lifetime partner we desire. And it all begins with ourselves.

Here are 4 easy, realistic ways to capture his heart and make him love you forever.

  • Analyze yourself. Your traits and attitude towards men in general.

Face the mirror and ask yourself, are you desirable? If your answer is No, then your answer is Incorrect. Ask yourself the same question over and over until your answer becomes a YES. Because you are indeed desirable. The problem for women who love too much or at least for those who thinks they are, is the big word Confidence. We tend to cling to men because we feel that nobody else will love us when they leave us. Little did we know that they leave us because we push them away with our possessive attitude. No man would want to be with a girl who thinks they are ugly.

One trick that I learned from a former colleague is to face the mirror as soon as you wake up in the morning. Tell yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL several times until you really feel beautiful with your messy hair, hanging eye bags, puffy cheeks, pale skin, bad breath… Imagine if you can feel beautiful with this look then no other look or situation can mess up your attitude towards the day. DO this and notice change.

  • Analyze the traits of the man you desire. His education level, his likes, and basically what will take him to look up from his phone and take a good look at you

What does he do? What are his hobbies? His family background? Is he the macho or sensitive type? Is he closer to his mom or dad? You might think I am kidding but this is really important. My husband is closer to his dad than his mom. Good thing his dad puts his family first that’s why my husband is the family man that he is.

I believe this is an important question as it might also make you rethink on the “man that you want now” compared to “the ideal man” that you want to spend the rest of your life with. This will also make you in a sense “adjust” your values, your hobbies, your likes with him. If he likes watching basketball like my husband, then you might want to read/research on basketball stuff. If he’s a gamer, you might want to install the same game app in your phone. Sometimes you must meet him halfway without changing yourself completely.

  • Show him you need him while keeping your independence.

The Yin Yang of a woman in a relationship. How to do this exactly is the biggest question. I came to know this after I begin to notice that my guy friends marry single mothers. What is it with single mothers? One, they have a child/children who completes their being. In short, they don’t need a man who can complicate things. So they are very, very independent. But then someone nice will come along. Maybe a guy who accepts her, her situation and her children. And so her happy ever after has arrived. A woman must be independent enough to identify herself as an individual apart from the one she loves too much. And yet make him know that her life would be more meaningful when he’s on it.

  • Make him realize that you “complete him”. Only YOU.

This is the last advice that I have, and this is also the easiest. Being a woman who love too much, this will come naturally for you. I assume that when you say that you love a guy too much means that your favorite song is Cater to you by the Destiny’s Child eh? If you don’t know it then this is part of the lyrics: “Let Me Help You