About Promise Rings

download (9)A promise ring is a symbol of commitment and most people give it as a pre-engagement ring. If you are buying the ring to your loved one to show that you are committed to him/her, you need to be specific as to what you are promising.

Tips To Consider When Buying The Ring

You need to know the purpose that you have with the ring. If you are giving the ring as a sign of friendship, you should buy something that is simple and inexpensive. If on other hand your partner is looking for a marriage proposal, you should go for a traditional ring. To avoid misinterpreted surprise, you should be clear to your partner as to why you are giving the ring.

For your partner to like the ring, you should ensure that it’s something that he/she can wear. This calls for you to know the right size that you should go for. You should also know the career of your partner. If he/she is involved in a job that involves a lot of manual work, you should go for a ring made from hard material such as titanium.

Ways Of Giving The Ring

Although, you can go directly to your partner and give him/her the ring, it’s wise that you present it in a special way in order to create the impact that you want. Here are some of the ways in which you can present the ring:

Rose bud: red roses show that you are romantic. You should take a single red rose and hide the ring inside an unopened bud. You should put the bud in a vase and place the vase in a prominent location such as office desk where your partner will easily see it.

Chocolate box: you should buy a heart-shaped chocolate box and place the promise ring inside it. You should then wrap the box in a beautiful paper and tie it with a fancy bow. You should then give the box to your partner who will see the ring.

Dessert tray: here you should take your partner to dinner in a fancy restaurant. For ideal results, you should always make arrangements with the restaurant manager in advance and share your plan to present the ring. After you have taken your meal, you should ask the waiter to give you the dessert tray. One of the desserts should be topped with the ring and your partner will see it.