How to Persuade Men to Get What You Want

download (6)Do you wonder what attracts and keeps guys interested? You must figure out exactly what HE needs in order to capture and retain his interest.

Figuring out what guys like isn’t easy. Right?

Wouldn’t you love to know what men like when it comes to women?

Quite a bit, it turns out. Read on to find out more…


As you may well know men are visual creatures. They love to look at us. Sometimes they do it without even realizing they are doing it!

So the dots may connect if you have every caught a previous partner staring at another woman and then acting like he didn’t know what you were talking about when you did it.

Men are designed to hone into women’s bodies which is exactly why you must make sure you utilize all possible strategies to make him notice yours!

This doesn’t mean dressing provocatively or exposing a lot of skin but more rather wearing clothes that compliment your figure, taking care of your body and holding your body with confidence.

Using physical appeal at any stage of the relationship is a winner.


The truth is that men love a woman who plays hard to get.

He wants to work for the enjoyment of your company. A female who is

easy to get won’t really make him feel like a man.

Secondly, he wants a woman who is worth the effort. Make sure you are worth the chase. Make sure you flirt and follow through.


Men like to be in charge. They want to be rulers of their territory, kings at the throne, and creators of their destiny.

Like us women they want to make sure things always go their way.

This is a big reason why men bail on good relationships, even when they love the woman. They don’t want to compromise and lose their freedom. It is a really BIG deal!

You must give him time, because if he has enough space and freedom he WILL

change in time. He will want to take your thoughts and feelings and needs into consideration.

He won’t want to give up being in charge though, so no your limits and no that men are hard wired to take the lead. Some things will never change.

Make sure you have your own life and watch what he values. Even if what he values isn’t what you value and you don’t really understand where he is coming from. The small things can be a big deal. Move slowly and carefully if you want to give your relationship a fighting chance.

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