Chemistry Vs Commitment – Will Passion Die or Thrive?

images (3)With sexual chemistry, you come alive in the presence of another person. What if that person isn’t your partner?

With a strong commitment, you protect your relationship from tempting threats that steal power and passion from your intimate connection.

Do you need to strengthen your commitment and chemistry with your partner?

Find out with this Love Test. Answer each question YES or NO.

Do I complain or criticize my partner’s flaws, instead of complimenting their strengths?

Do I invest more energy and time in my work than I do with my partner?

Do my favorite activities exclude my partner?

Do I have erotic thoughts about someone outside of my relationship?

Do I avoid making love with my partner and deny us the benefits of sexual healing?

Do I talk negatively about my partner to others?

Does someone other than my partner lift my spirits and inspire my greatness?

Do I act moody or grumpy around my partner?

Do I place my needs ahead of my partner’s and the needs of our relationship?

Do I feel that my partner can’t make me happy?

How did you score?

Each YES reveals attitudes and actions that steal power and