Trapped by Love

images (8)Over the past ten years, I’ve worked in a predominately male environment, so I’ve heard one or two men mention the fact that they’d gotten “trapped?” by women. Trapped? I found it very interesting that grown men would use that terminology when describing a consensual relationship between two adults.

I thought that “trapped” was too strong of a word to be used by grown people who had entered relationships at free will.

One day I had what I suppose that you may call an epiphany, I was talking to the Animal Control Officer and he was having a hard time catching a pack of wild dogs. I asked, “Why don’t you put out a trap and catch them?” He shook his head in dismay and said, “I can’t catch them. I’ve put all types of food in the trap. They just will not get in the trap. As a matter of fact when I’m in the area that they are roaming in, as soon as I turn the corner, they look at my truck and run!”

I started laughing. I said, “Do you have your siren or flasher on when you turn the corner?” He said, “No.” I remarked, “Now wait a minute, from everything that I’ve ever read, dogs are color-blind and I doubt that they can read. If your siren isn’t on and you don’t have your lights flashing; how would a dog know your truck from anybody else’s truck?” He said, “I don’t know, all I know is that they do recognize it.”

That told me that even a dog can recognize a trap and once he recognizes that a trap is a trap; the trap no longer effective. Dogs have enough sense not to get into something that they know is detrimental to their freedom. Young men, old men do yourselves a favor and don’t ever tell anyone that a woman trapped or tricked you into doing anything!

That goes for women as well, I’ve even heard women use that lame excuse for relationships that have gone bad. Don’t be so quick to blame someone else for your poor choices. We are blessed with the power of choice. Exercise your power.

When grown people make bad decisions, they should be man or woman enough to be prepared to suffer grown folks consequences and not be so quick to try to put the blame on someone else.