We Seem to Lack Commitment in Life Today!

download (4)There is an old expression what you put into something is what you get out of it. I don’t believe that is always true today, particularly in employment. Nobody is indispensable, but in earlier times employers made more commitments to employees like full-time hours, raises based on their performance, and I had heard of people working their way up from mailroom to President. That doesn’t happen that much in these times, so why should an employee fully commit to a job that is not secure. Even worse many can’t meet their financial obligations. In the old days of Mom and Pop businesses, employees worked side by side with employers. It wasn’t about education but dedication, having mega corporations as the main employers in this country, takes away so many people’s successful futures.

Our fast paced world doesn’t provide enough time to make commitments as easily as before. How many times have you been in the middle of a serious life conversation with someone, their cellphone goes off, and like Pablo’s dog they have to answer it, right in the middle. People to me can’t even commit fully to their families. In terms of our children’s education we no longer commit to excellence, if our child is failing we don’t take total ownership, but put the burden on the education system, so as result we our allowing our children to advance to next grade in a substandard way. In our province no child is left behind, even if failing they’re advanced. Then they get to higher education can’t spell, do simple math without a calculator, or even write in cursive because it is not taught. We don’t have time to commit to our children like we should, making ends meet is hard enough for most, working crazy hours is allowing our children to slide by, They’re not being taught at home proper conduct like manners, or even given real consequences for their actions. Not intentionally we let our kids slide through the cracks, thinking we are doing everything, then can’t figure out why their still living at home at 30 years old, can’t commit to relationships, and have no idea how to blend into society? The real reason is we are not as committed as our parents and grandparent were to us!

Our governments can seem to commit either, no clear plans for job creation, lowering inflation, providing ambitious people an avenue to succeed, or even creating jobs for those finished University to earn enough to pay their loans back. They commit to those from other countries than the citizens suffering here, and increase national debt load in the process, raising taxes making it even harder to survive.

The definition of commitment is a promise to give or do something, I notice many people refuse to do either, and that could be part of reason long-term relationships our few and far to come by. We live in limited committal world where it is more about what is in it for me, as prior it was more what is in it for us. Maybe if we become more contentious about commitment, we would be happier people feeling more secure within our personal lives.